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Stereo Splitter, Mono Merger and Multiplier in one

The SteMo combines Splitter, Merger and Multiplier in one. The main motivation for this module was to connect a MPC Live II without adapters with my Eurorack. The 4 Stereo jacks split the signals into 2 x 4 Mono jacks where you can use 4 dedicated Gates and 4 dedicated CVs from the MPC. The Stereo jacks are switched and normalized to the next Stereo input. In this way you can split one stereo signal up to 4 Gates and CVs.

The module is passive which means that you can also merge two audio signals to one Stereo signal. I am using this feature together with all Stereo Ins from my Cockpit 2 Mixer.

All Stereo Ins are switched, what means that every Stereo In gets the signal from the jack before. This connection will be opened if a jack is inserted. The Mono jacks are directly connected to the tip, ring and ground of the stereo jack or can be provided the signal from the channel above. All grounds from all connectors are connected to one mass.

4x Stereo to Mono Splitter

By connecting Stereo jacks into one of the four Stereo Ins on the left side, the right placed Mono jacks provide the splitted Stereo signal by Tip and Ring. The Ground is shared.

– Audio signals are splitted into Left and Right.

– CV signals like the Stereo Outs from the MPC are splitted into Gate and CV

– Stereo jacks are normalized to the above channel when jack is not connected

4x Mono to Stereo Merger

Two Mono jacks are connected to the Tip and Ring of the Stereo jack. The Ground is shared. In this way you can merge a splitted Stereo signal into one cable. The very compact Stereo mixer Cockpit 2 supports four Stereo inputs.

– Mono to Stereo Merger


2×4 Multiple

Because all Stereo jacks are normalized together when jacks 2-4 not plugged in, 2 x 4 Mono jacks are connected automatically together so that the SteMo is acting as a Multiplier. Depends on the amount and position of the connected inputs, the module can be used as a 4x, 2x2x, 1+3x Multipilier.And in every configuration each channel can be used as Splitter or Merger.

– Mono 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 and 4.1 are connected if no Stereo jack is plugged in

– Mono 1.2, 2.2, 3.2 and 4.2 are connected if no Stereo jack is plugged in

– Connection between the Mono groups are controlled by the switched Stereo jacks

All functions can be used in mixed mode. Possible connections are printed at the front panel


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Horizontal Pitch

4HP (20mm)