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Squarp Instruments Pyramid mk2

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A new workflow
Modern, easy-to-use & versatile hardware sequencer.
Pyramid provides you with a radical new workflow and almost unlimited possibilities.
It will become your ultimate studio centerpiece.

100% standalone

Pyramid is designed to be the perfect brain for your musical setup, from studio to stage. It brings together a powerful sequencer, a looper, a rhythm generator, a real-time effect processor, a midi controller and an input+output interface.
Pyramid does not produce sounds. Instead, we have focused our energies on creating an innovative and complete sequencing solution full of creative tools.

Pyramid is an instant source of inspiration to start, finish & perform your song!


Hardware & computer hub

With Pyramid’s high precision clock, the sequencer becomes a great synchronisation tool for both vintage and recent devices. Your instruments will always keep in time: Pyramid is the heartbeat of your studio.

You can also use Pyramid sequencer as a rock-solid interface box for your MIDI, USB MIDI & CV/GATE setup:
● filter note/clock/start stop/cc/pitch/aftertouch messages,
● route MIDI in to USB MIDI out,
● convert MIDI in to CV/GATE output and add effects,
● convert CV/GATE in to MIDI out,
● convert MIDI IN clock to DIN SYNC…

Even if you use a DAW as your primary sequencer, Pyramid will become an indispensable Swiss knife!

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