Radikal Technologies Delta Ceb A Eurorack Module

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The DELTA CEP A semimodular synthesizer consists of 9 essential synthesis modules whose combination provides a very powerful and straight forward starting point into the world of Eurorack synthesizers. Let’s see, which modules are included in Radikal’s latest brainchild: The system includes one swarm oscillator, a mixing stage with a noise source, a very powerful filtering section around the analog multimode filter plus stereo digital emulations of 12dB multimode and 24 dB ladder filters and one VCA. One LFO and one snappy envelope generator for modulation purposes plus the secret weapon of all Radikal Technologies digital modules, the SNAPSHOT INTERPOLATOR are adding extra excitement to your sonic adventures. The icing on the cake of the sound engine is a digital FX section with incredible modulated stereo delay effects including tape delay, phasing, chorus, flanging etc.!

In a modular synth system, the different sound generating and altering sections are not connected. The user has to establish all the connections that are necessary to generate sound effects and tones with patch cables. In a semimodular synth the most essential connections are hardwired. This means you can play the DELTA CEP A right out of the box. Of course you can go a step further and add your own module patching.

The DELTA CEP A has a MIDI interface, which is essential when you want to use the paraphonic mode of the Synth. The paraphonic mode let’s you play chords and turns the DELTA into the perfect pad and ensemble section. The MIDI Interface has additional outputs for external modules and a special digital bus allows for controlling the SWARM OSCILLATOR RT-311 direct with notes and chords to layer additional voices in monophonic and chords mode using an external MIDI keyboard.

The SNAPSHOT INTERPOLATOR is a very unique feature in the synthesizer world. First you have the ability to store snapshots of your sound creations into the internal memory. Then you can play these snapshots sequentially for very cool sonic sequences. But that is not all. You can even create smooth transitions from one snapshot to the other for stunning sound morphing effects. Independent from the Interpolator, the snapshot memories can also be used as preset memories and are filled with sounds from our sound designers.


Technical Information
Eurorack sound module with semi-modular, paraphonic sound engine.
Playmodes: Monophonic or 4 voices in paraphonic mode.
68 TE Eurorack Module (345,1 mm x 129 mm x 30 mm)
68 TE Desktop Cabinet (350 mm x 140 mm x 90mm)
Power Consumption:
Power Consumption: 140 mA @ +12 V
50 mA @ -12V
1,8 KG
User interface elements:
23 knobs, 14 buttons, 31 3,5 mm in- and output jacks, 27 RGB LEDs
LFO section:
LFO with sine, triangle, sawtooth and rectangle waveforms plus random voltage generator
and inverting modulation depth control. The LFO can run synchronized to MIDI and external
sync clock.
Oscillator section:
Swarm Oscillator with up to 8 Oscillator clones, seamless waveform selection, TLM
modulation for PWM and timbre blending, chord memory and chord presets, detune, FM-
modulation, glide function and scale-quantised CV input.
Mixer section:
Noise and external signal volume control, and oscillator level with saturation.
Filter section:
There is a digital 12 dB stereo multimode filter with low-pass, bandpass and high-pass
function, a 24 dB digital low pass filter and an analogue 12 dB multimode filter with low-
pass, highpass and bandpass function.
ADSR envelope section:
Envelope with attack time, decay time, sustain level and release time. Attack and release
times can be controlled by control voltage. Retrigger function available via LFO.
VCA Section:
Main level, FX-Input gain and ADSR/GATE/Free Selection.
FX Section:
Programmable FX Processor with tempobased sync delay, tape delay, chorus, flanger and
Memory Section:
40 Patches with up to 8 snapshots each.
Interpolator section:
Blend between up to 8 snapshots.
MIDI2CV section
MIDI Interface with control voltage outputs for other modules.