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2-channel trigger to signal converter. Three control modes: twin: Channel 1&2 share the same parameters but can be triggered independently. split: Channel 1 is edited by knobs 1&2, channel 2 edited by knobs 3&4, with a simplified 2-parameter control scheme. expert: Channel 1&2 are completely independent. Four functions: ADSR envelope generator, LFO, tap-LFO, and 808-style bd/sd/hh generator. Four additional “hidden” functions. 16-bit CV/audio generation with 48kHz sample rate. Cortex-M3 ARM processor. Open-source hardware and firmware. 8-HP. Easy firmware updates through an audio interface. Current consumption: +12V: 60mA ; -12V: 2mA.

Peaks provides 4 different functions in a small 8-HP package. Their common point? They are all about generating an audio or CV signal in response to a trigger, and are all focused on rhythmic works.

Peaks is a dual-channel module – making it very useful for duophonic patches or for controlling/synthesizing the kick/snare rhythmic backbone of a patch.


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