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voltage controlled DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
Voltage Controlled Pitch Shifting and Echo: ECHOPHON
Voltage Controlled Granularization: Phonogene
Complex Random Voltage Generator: Wogglebug
Dual analog control signal generator: MATHS
Signal Distribution and fan out: MULT
Voltage controlled multi-mode filtering: MMG
3U Skiff w/ power supply
Patch cables

Size: 3U
Total HP: 104
Utilized HP: 86
Expansion HP: 18
21.5 x 5.14 x 3.5 (inches)
Weight: 6.3 lbs.

A small system devoted to capturing external sounds and sculpting them into new ones. The Phonogene operates as a recorder that also allows the artist to layer and rearrange the sound and manipulate the speed and direction of playback. The ECHOPHON brings pitch shifting, echo and when combined with the MMG filter, incredible smearing of the spectrum. The Wogglebug and MATHS work to animate these effects.