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Unique balanced modulator circuit turns OFF around zero volts at the Carrier/ Control INput, making the circuit behave well as a VCA STRENGTH is a Combo Knob, with nothing patched to STRENGTH CV IN, it works as a standard panel control, setting Level. With signal patched to STRENGTH CV IN, it works as an attenuator, setting the strength of the modulation Both circuits feed a summing stage, allowing the module to be used as a voltage controlled mixer AUXiliary IN allows for the stacking of multiple modDemix and/ or Optomix to create larger mixes Able to introduce warm distortions to audio signals, sounds like no other VCA or Ring Mod MAX BLINKENLIGHTS, 8 LEDs packed into a small 6hp module

The modDemix features 2 identical direct-coupled balanced modulator circuits that may be used together or independently for Ring Modulation, VCA, Mixer, Signal Multiplication, Voltage Controlled Polarization, Attenuation and more.


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