Bastl Trinity XOR mit Midi

Bastl XOR Midi

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Bastl Trinity XOR inkl. Midi Modul!

Achtung: Du brauchst einen Netzadapter um den XOR zu betreiben. Der MIDI Bastl bezieht den Strom über die side connectors welche nicht mit der Batterie verbunden sind

Open-source, DIY, handmade, hackable, repairable!

Instrument specific features

  • 6 voice polyphony
  • wavetable based – sine, saw, triangle, digi-noise
  • played ONLY by MIDI using MIDI Bastl
  • ^[xor], &[and], |[or] modulation
  • arpeggiator – gate and note modes, different shapes, adjustable speed, MIDI clock sync,
  • 8 different sound settings in one preset
  • 6 presets
  • ADSR
  • LFO
  • full MIDI implementation (note, velocity, pitch bend, mod wheel sustain, CC, clock)

^ [XOR] is a logical statement but also bit operator which is sort of combination of & [AND] and | [OR] . By applying this modulation to the classical wavetables you can achieve very interesting harmonics added to the sound. Especially when more voices mix than it comes to really interesting dirty digital modulation artefacts. ^ [XOR] is intended to be used as a sound module for a MIDI keyboard and it doesn`t produce any sound without the keyboard. It needs MIDI Bastl to interface the MIDI jack.