Bastl Trinity SQNCR 1.1

Bastl Trinity SQNCR

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Open-source, DIY, handmade, hackable, repairable!

Instrument specific features

  • controlling 3 different Trinity instruments (polyphonic or monophonic)
  • sending MIDI notes on 3 channels
  • 32 steps / pattern
  • 4 patterns for each instrument per preset
  • 3 presets
  • recording from buttons or MIDI
  • erase single notes or clear whole pattern
  • adjustable pattern length, groove, tempo
  • tap tempo
  • jump function (step repeater)
  • auto quantize
  • MIDI clock support, master or slave (by receiving MIDI clock message it turns into slave mode)
  • MIDI by side connectors – MIDI connector by connecting MIDI Bastl by the side


SQNCR is able to sequence 3 different Trinity instruments by MIDI protocol which is ideal for live sequencing. All instruments have MIDI input which reads note and CC values.(We plan to make CC automation sequencer and sensor boards sending CC.)