Bastl Trinity Mono FM 1.1

Bastl Trinity Mono FM

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Open-source, DIY, handmade, hackable, repairable!

Instrument specific features

  • experimental monophonic FM synthesizer
  • 8 different sound for each preset
  • 6 presets
  • 1 carrier oscillator with pitch tuned in semitones
  • 3 modulation oscillators with adjustable harmonic multiple of carrier frequency, detune and amount of modulation
  • 8 algorithms of oscillator configuration
  • 3 wavetables for all oscillators (sine, saw, white noise)
  • LFO with adjustable rate, resolution, amount, destination on different parameters and 8 different shapes
  • exchange sounds between more Mono FM Synths by SysEx message
  • MIDI native by side connectors, note, CC support, thru
  • MIDI connector by connecting MIDI Bastl by the side