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Bastl Midi

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  • jumpers to select functionality and routing of the MIDI connector (with chain connectors and sync dev. area)
  • MIDI  I/O
  • Attiny 85 based development area for almost endless sync possibilities (firmware for attiny still in development)
  • converts MIDI clock to CV clock  (4 PQN and 12 PQN) for Korg Volca/Monotribe, Modular, Gameboy Nanoloop/LSDJ  (done)
  • converts MIDI clock to din sync 24 /48 (the start pin needs one solder bridge to be in the sync mini jack – see tutorial HERE)

MIDI Bastl is clever MIDI module for Bastl Instruments Trinity chain of instruments to add input or output MIDI connector. It can also convert MIDI Clock to different kinds of clock – Korg Volca / Monotribe, Gameboy Nanoloop / LSDJ, DIN Sync 24 or 48.

You can get it with sync area populated with pre-programmed Attiny 85 which converts MIDI clock to different CV clocks. See MIDI Bastl page for more details about proper usage.

Standalone use: MIDI Bastl has no power jack and is powered via the side connectors from another instrument. For standalone use you need to make power jack adaptor. On the circuit board there are clearly marked spots to which you can solder cable to the power jack. See the MIDI Bastl page for more info.