Amazing Machines Volcano

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Fügt den Korg Volca Serie MIDI Out hinzu.


– Custom-built Spacer for the MIDI Output Connector
– Factory Pre-assembled
– Turns any KORG Volca into a neat MIDI Sequencer and Controller
– Enables recording of Parameter Automation and MIDI Note Data directly from any KORG Volca to an External Sequencer or DAW for later playback

Compatible with the KORG Volca Bass, Volca Beats, Volca Keys and Volca Sample

Note: The current Volca Sample Firmware, version 1.3, doesn’t allow the Volca Sample to transmit MIDI Continuous Controller Data from it’s Knobs, this functionality may be added in a further Update.

Installation Requirements:
Basic soldering skills are required for installation, as simple as soldering 3 wires to the main PCB of your KORG Volca, as shown in the picture above


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